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Construction Software To Track What Matters

VisionTrax helps you track construction projects in real-time for increased profitability and greater efficiency in managing construction projects. Our highly-rated software allows you to effectively track on-going projects, piece-rate, throughput and more. We monitor usage and listen to feedback to ensure we are releasing software updates that matter most to our clients.

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About VisionTrax

VisionTrax is a local Utah company servicing the greater Western United States -- Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada -- with software for the construction industry.

VisionTrax is the best software for construction. This project management software for contractors increases productivity through time tracking, piece work tracking, and costs. Higher productivity means greater profitability. That’s money that goes directly in your pocket! View real-time results for any construction management project.

We provide project management software for contractors.

Trusted By Companies Like Yours

VisionTrax works with a variety of construction-based companies on building contracts. Whether you're installing cabinets, plumbing, electricity, or adding a new wall to a project -- our client's get real about their experience. See what companies just like yours are saying about the VisionTrax app and our consultation services.

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Sign up for a demo and receive a free trial of VisionTrax time-tracking software. Your 30-day free trial comes with a complete demo, where our construction software experts will consult with you about your business to help you put your free trial to good use!

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Frequently Asked Question

We've pieced together everything you need to easily get started with your free 30-day trial of the VisionTrax construction time-tracking and project management software.

Have an additional question? Reach out to us via our contact page. We're always happy to help.

How does VisionTrax actually help increase my construction business productivity?

We provide trackable measurements based on the performance of your team. VisionTrax uses this measurement of productivity because it provides the greatest opportunity for you to increase your bottom line and make more money. As Eli Goldratt repeated frequently: "Tell me how you measure me and I will tell you how I will behave.”

What are the top industries or trades that make use of VisionTrax?

VisionTrax is used by numerous branches of the construction industry -- including plumbing, electrical, cabinets, countertops, framing, drywall, concrete, and excavation. Some of the top construction brands that use the VisionTrax app include UMC, JRock, Triex, and Hedgehog Electric.

Where can I download the VisionTrax app?

You don’t! VisionTrax is a web-based application, so it operates in the cloud across any internet-connected device. By operating from the cloud, we can reach the greatest number of users with a minimum amount of stress. That means we are compatible with every device regardless of the size of your screen or the age of your device.

What is the VisionTrax method? Why does VisionTrax operate from a trust and performance perspective?

Simply put, because our method works! Our method teaches you to be less reactive and more focused on performance, always driving toward the positive. We help you rally the entire team around the project as a whole and adopt the “North Star” mindset. Other companies operate with a lack of trust, tracking their employees’ literal presence more than their effectiveness. Construction workers do not appreciate feeling as if they can’t be trusted and their value is in question.

We help you create an environment that is positive and impactful to your employees as well as for your construction projects. We feel it is less important to know where your team is and more important to understand what they are doing.

How can I contact VisionTrax support if I need it?

You can call the support number on our website 1-888-326-1829 during standard business hours for live support. You can also reach us at and we’ll return your email as quickly as possible.

Our Strengths

VisionTrax provides more than just construction management time-tracking software. We provide an expert team to consult with you -- as needed -- on business management processes and work one-on-one with you for hands-on integration of our project management software.

Expert Team

At VisionTrax, we commit to the success of your construction or contracting business. Our team will work with you as necessary to make certain that you understand how to use the app and implement the system with ease. We understand the construction business, so we understand your needs.

Hands-On Integration

The VisionTrax system is focused on improving productivity and making positive, effective change in your company’s culture and routines. We work with you to make sure that you’re getting the maximum benefit out of our app and system.

Real-Time Results

Finding out about a problem after it’s over allows you to improve next time. Imagine how much better it could be, however, if you could identify problems as they happen and take corrective action immediately. VisionTrax gives management the tools they need to make changes in a project or build in real time.